The Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Veterinary Medicine Educational Institutions and Programmes (VEDEK) attaches great importance to quality assessment studies and the healthy functioning of the internal quality management process.
In this context, there is a "VEDEK Internal Quality Assurance Committee" which operates independently from the Board of Directors and regularly conveys its opinions and suggestions about the internal quality process to the VAK Committee, General Assembly and Audit Board.
Following the evaluation processes of the faculties, "Post-Visit Feedback" forms are sent to the visited institution and whether the process is healthy and purposeful is regularly monitored with feedback. If there are any problems, strengths and weaknesses are identified and necessary reports and information are made for improvements.
In the light of the opinions and suggestions provided by the Internal Audit, Quality Assurance and Development Committee, the general assembly, board of directors or other committees provide the necessary feedback, take measures and carry out trainings. Therefore, activities are carried out continuously to maintain and increase quality in the national assessment process.